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The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast

Dec 22, 2019

Gentleman of our most prestigious Court of Athens, may I praise your patience and diligence in the presentation of the prosecution. I, Meletus stand before you unequivocally convinced that the criminal is guilty as charged. The hideous, snub-nosed Socrates is charged with corrupting the young men of Athens with his rhetoric and poisonous oratory skill, an undeniable fact. Socrates also stands before you charged with denying the gods their authority and challenging the beliefs of every genuine Athenian.

He insults our great city with his relentless irritating presence, a fly in great need of a spider. He shows no signs of remorse for his conduct or apology for his crimes, a true reflection of his guilt. I beg you loyal judicators of Athens, listen to his words, hear him twist them for his own malevolent purpose. Look into his eyes, see his lack of contrition. He says he knows nothing! I know at least one thing, the evidence presented by the prosecution proves Socrates is guilty, and he should accept the judgement of the Athenian Court.


Part I. The Dialogue

Part II. Further Analysis and Discussion