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The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast

Apr 4, 2021


Conspiracies happen. Sometimes there really are people who are plotting. Sometimes people use their power to undermine the power of others and harm people for their own personal gain. Sometimes, your paranoia is justified.

Perhaps then, we should all be a little more suspicious. After all, don’t we want to protect the freedoms of our families, friends, and neighbours?

Perhaps… but perhaps not. What if our suspicions lead us down a never-ending rabbit hole? What if our quest for ‘seeing things as they really are’ only erodes our ability to see the truth? What if our convictions and suspicions actually make it easier for truly dangerous people to remain hidden from our view?

What do you mean ‘that’s exactly how they want you to think’?

Who are ‘they’?

Ah, I see.


Part I. Origins

Part II. Solutions

Part III. Further Analysis and Discussion