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The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast

Nov 10, 2019

Oliver Thorn is an actor and educator, best known as the creator and host of the popular YouTube channel Philosophy Tube. Boasting around half a million subscribers, Olly’s channel is notorious for its well-researched content and colourful presentation. With over six years of videos under his belt, it is fair to say that Olly is going over and above in his goal of giving away his philosophy degree for free.

In this episode, we’ll be getting at the man behind Philosophy Tube, discussing the role and responsibilities of those contributing to public-facing philosophy. When we present philosophy in the public sphere, what are our goals? Should they the same as those in the philosophy seminar room - our desire being rigorous, detailed, delicate contemplation - or does public media demand something else? In short, do we need to change our ways to make philosophy accessible?


Part I. Behind Philosophy Tube

Part II. Further Analysis and Discussion