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The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast

Jul 11, 2021

A philosophical education can feel like a long and arduous path. Sometimes you think you have seen the light; you think that you have knowledge, only to discover you knew nothing. It is times like this where the learner must examine their blind spots and begin their path to understanding once again while accepting that the next attempt might too end where it began.

The philosopher Plato likened this path to the ascent from a dark cave up into the light of the sun. He also said that those who have seen the illuminated world above have a responsibility to go back to show others the way. Today we go back, not because we have seen the sun, but because we have travelled the path enough to know we can do a little better than we did before. The blind leading the blind? Perhaps, but we might stumble into something interesting along the way.

With special thanks to the following creators for their sound samples.

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Part I. Forms

Part II. Souls